I Got a Little Marketing Idea

I have an idea to promote the company and it is going to require a little work, but I think that it should work really well over the long term. Of course the products that we sell require installation and you have to do things to maintain some of them. It is not really that simple, but once you know how to do it there is not that much to it. I was thinking about finding inexpensive services for video production in Singapore and making a series of helpful how to video. It is not as though you need a real platform to distribute them in this age, you have youtube and a number of similar vehicles which you can use to get them out to the public. Of course the great thing is that you would be reaching the very people who had an interest in what you were selling, so this would be precisely targeted marketing and better yet it would be helpful to the customer. Obviously you would also talk about the products and how to choose the right material for the specific job. You could put up a banner to advertise the company, but the easiest thing would be to have your web site address always on the screen. It really seems like a very good idea, particularly if you have a line of business where there are things that the consumer is going to need to know to do things on their own. The best thing is that it is going to be both initially inexpensive and then it is going to endure long after you put it up. A traditional TV ad is only half a minute and you obviously must pay them each time that they put it on the air. This would stay up forever. Click On This Link

We Get by with a Little Help

I started my own business three years ago, thinking that I could be totally self sufficient and that I would not need help from anyone. Boy was I wrong. In the years since I have realized how important networking is when it comes to getting new clients and keeping other clients happy. For example, I had a client that needed to find brochure design in Brisbane. Luckily, at an event for small business owners the week before, I had gotten the contact information of the proprietor of a printing shop in Brisbane. I was able to refer the customer and score points with the customer and the other business owner. It is definitely important that you scratch each others backs.

Another instance of great networking results was when I was off doing a photo shoot for a Parisian diplomat who was visiting. He asked where he could find a copy editor in Brisbane and as luck would have it I knew someone that I had hired the week before. He did a fantastic job and he had just mentioned to me not too long ago that he would be free that week, since someone had canceled. It felt great being the one to save the day.

I have, of course, had people save the day for me too. Once I was out of film and out in the middle of nowhere. I was shooting some photos for a catalogue and needed them to be done that day. I was worried that I would lose a lucrative contract if I couldn't produce results. Luckily my pall Bob, who delivers groceries was able to stop out and help me. He brought me the film and I got the shots that I needed and the customer was happy and I kept the contract. Never underestimate the importance of other people.

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Designing My Way to Victory

When I first started using the Primavera design tool, I was confused, and the manual that was included with it wasn't helping out much. I understood a little bit, but the rest was like speaking a foreign language to me. I looked for a Primavera tutorial on the Internet to make things a little easier to comprehend and found a pretty good one that makes it so simple that a child could probably figure out how to use it. I wish everyone made their tools easier to use, but that's like asking for world peace or someone to turn aluminum into gold.

I've used the program to come up with some design that I think will be good for the city. There is currently a contest that is going on where anyone can design something that will be built for the city. The winner of the contest will be able to oversee the project and win a cash prize that will be usable for whatever they want. I'm so close to that prize that I can practically taste it. I've created a building that will be used as a homeless shelter. The city has a pretty big problem with the homeless not having anywhere to go.

The shelter that I've designed doesn't look like the traditional rectangular building that you usually see in any city. The building looks more like an opera house, only more stylish. Based on the design, the construction of the shelter should be simple to pull off, and woudln't cost a lot of money. A lot of construction projects have inflated budgets that make them difficult to do because the people run out of money, or because they can't the project done with the materials they can afford. Sometimes this leads to cost cutting measures that can cause injury.

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Finally Found a Good Job

I have just now gotten out of college. I managed to graduate in three and a half years with a degree in computer science. I spent a couple of months looking for a job and for a little while I was pretty discouraged, because it looked as though I might have to settle for something that was not commensurate with my qualifications. I sort of lucked into this job, I went looking at one bedroom apartments a couple of weeks ago. I ended up looking at Oaks of Vernon Hills apartments for rent and while I was there I ran into one of my professors. I did not take the apartment there, because he gave me the number of this guy he said that I should talk to. He was about an hour and fifteen minutes South of that place and obviously if I had taken that apartment it would have been tough to commute to this job. This is sort of a high risk thing, because this is a start up and they are obviously working on a shoe string now. At the moment the job does not pay anything close to what I would like for it to pay, but it is something where you are taking a gamble. If this guy manages to succeed at what he is trying to do, then I shall get rich. They gave me some stock options for signing up. At the moment they are basically worthless, but the hope is that you hit the jackpot. I managed to find a really cheap place to stay as well. This place is about twenty minutes from where my big sister lives. She had a loft above her garage and told me that I could stay there for the time being. She does want rent, but it is not much.

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