Finally Found a Good Job

I have just now gotten out of college. I managed to graduate in three and a half years with a degree in computer science. I spent a couple of months looking for a job and for a little while I was pretty discouraged, because it looked as though I might have to settle for something that was not commensurate with my qualifications. I sort of lucked into this job, I went looking at one bedroom apartments a couple of weeks ago. I ended up looking at Oaks of Vernon Hills apartments for rent and while I was there I ran into one of my professors. I did not take the apartment there, because he gave me the number of this guy he said that I should talk to. He was about an hour and fifteen minutes South of that place and obviously if I had taken that apartment it would have been tough to commute to this job. This is sort of a high risk thing, because this is a start up and they are obviously working on a shoe string now. At the moment the job does not pay anything close to what I would like for it to pay, but it is something where you are taking a gamble. If this guy manages to succeed at what he is trying to do, then I shall get rich. They gave me some stock options for signing up. At the moment they are basically worthless, but the hope is that you hit the jackpot. I managed to find a really cheap place to stay as well. This place is about twenty minutes from where my big sister lives. She had a loft above her garage and told me that I could stay there for the time being. She does want rent, but it is not much.

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