How PBN Backlinks can Kill Your SEO Ranking

I know many people have been building their own PBN and using the powerful links to rank their own moneypage.

Since it can be VERY easy to buy from pbn services or build one once you get the hang of it, you may rely on it totally.

Then there lies one day when Google understand how to detect pbns. You will start to see your hardwork all gone down the drain in just one dreadful update.

So here is one warning for you.

If 100% of your links are coming from PBNs,you might be in hot soup.

PBN should act as a complement to your SEO Campaign.

You should be building backlinks where there are PEOPLE behind them. You should be networking with people, writing incredible content that people can’t help to share.

Now that is the Super Live Long SEO. Something that will have you ranking everywhere, anytime for any google animal updates.

Try to keep pbn links less than 20%.

Aim for real traffic backlinks for the rest.

Once you keep in mind the possibility that PBN can be deindexed in a single day, you will never go overboard with those backlinks.

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