How to choose a PBN Service?

building pbn

Are you thinking of doing more for your SEO efforts?

Heard from your friends how PBN services can leverage your ranking by a lot in the shortest time?

The question is how do I choose a good and affordable PBN services.

How should I inspect if the backlinks are worthy of the money, time and risk spent?

Let me start with a few criteria that I look for with PBN services.

Hands Off Solution

I pay for your pbn links with money. I want ease and results.

If the pbn vendor offers that, then I will look closer.

Fast Stable Results

I want to see my investment fast enough. Don’t ask me to wait for 3 months. My pages will rank without pbn links¬†after 3 months.

100% Safe from Deindexing

I want to see the PBN vendor hiding their footprints. I want the investment to repay itself with at least a year of stable ranking. Anything else is not acceptable.

If the seller gives out url reports, then you better run. Spam and disavow report is so easy now. I don’t want some idiot disgruntled customers spoiling all our hard work.

Some other criterias include Reviews and Affordability.


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