Is PBN links the Best SEO

There are many backlinks you can use to SEO your website up the ranking of Google.

The common being forum, bookmarks, facebook or twitter links and article directories.

However are they the most effective form of backlinks?

Let me introduce the effectiveness of using a PBN.

What PBN means is building and owning your private blog network.

Lets look at 3 good reasons to buy or use links from a PBN service.

1. Own Assets

You control your own backlink assets. No longer giving up everything to the owner of the properties. They can destroy EVERYTHING you have done for the past 3,6,9 months. You get my point.

Morever, you control the anchor text in your own PBN. You can post article anytime even at night.


2. Link Juice Transfer

PBN links are powerful because they usually have aged and backlinks from another domain. When you post your article on the homepage, you get instantly all those previously built PBN backlinks from high authority websites.


3. No Begging

Well, since you own your own pbn assets , there is no need to ask for permission. We used to find properties ranking for our desired keywords, get their email and literally beg them for a guest posting opportunity.

Now ? The same people might have to find us for links instead ! Since the white hat guys won’t “waste” time to build their own private blog network

Are the above 3 reasons enough to persuade you to get your own PBN links or build your own? I certainly hope NO 🙂


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