My Life Suddenly Looked a Lot Better to Me

There was definitely not shortage at all of Rio Rancho apartments for rent when I started looking. I was struggling to find a vacancy at other places in a nearby city. It was nice to walk into a place in Rio Rancho and have almost all apartment managers tell me they had at least a couple of places to take a look at right then and there. It made me feel more hopeful about living on my own. After being married for 30 years and living in a home all my life, I was so nervous about living alone.

I met my husband when I was 19, and we married when we were 21. By the time I reached my forties, I realized that we didn’t have a very good relationship. I know I realized it on some level years earlier, but it was easier to not dwell on it. That and I always hoped things would get better. But they didn’t, and I became more aware of the issue over time. I wondered if I should leave or stay. By the time I hit the age of 50, I realized that I didn’t want to live alone. But my thought on that didn’t matter because he came to me one day to say that he found someone half my age.

Walking into each apartment unit made me feel stronger. I was suddenly feeling giddy about a place of my own. There would be not need to fight over how I decorated the place or what foods I chose to buy. I could watch the TV programs that I wanted to without someone complaining about them. Next, I started visualizing the new bedspread I would buy, making new curtains and a lot of other things that made me happy. Living alone was not going to be bad at all.

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