We Get by with a Little Help

I started my own business three years ago, thinking that I could be totally self sufficient and that I would not need help from anyone. Boy was I wrong. In the years since I have realized how important networking is when it comes to getting new clients and keeping other clients happy. For example, I had a client that needed to find brochure design in Brisbane. Luckily, at an event for small business owners the week before, I had gotten the contact information of the proprietor of a printing shop in Brisbane. I was able to refer the customer and score points with the customer and the other business owner. It is definitely important that you scratch each others backs.

Another instance of great networking results was when I was off doing a photo shoot for a Parisian diplomat who was visiting. He asked where he could find a copy editor in Brisbane and as luck would have it I knew someone that I had hired the week before. He did a fantastic job and he had just mentioned to me not too long ago that he would be free that week, since someone had canceled. It felt great being the one to save the day.

I have, of course, had people save the day for me too. Once I was out of film and out in the middle of nowhere. I was shooting some photos for a catalogue and needed them to be done that day. I was worried that I would lose a lucrative contract if I couldn’t produce results. Luckily my pall Bob, who delivers groceries was able to stop out and help me. He brought me the film and I got the shots that I needed and the customer was happy and I kept the contract. Never underestimate the importance of other people.

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